Fresh Fingers Deodorant Foot Spray


Neutralize bacteria, refresh your tired feet and enjoy odor less feet from now on. Spray on a daily basis or when needed.


  • ELIMINATES ODOR – Kill odor causing bacteria and fungi to help prevent athlete’s feet.
  • NATURAL AND SAFE – Safe odor removal.
  • MAXIMUM STRENGTH – Our product is maximum strength, eliminating the toughest odors.

6 reviews for Fresh Fingers Deodorant Foot Spray

  1. Angie

    Definitely reduces feet smell on contact. Neutralizes feet smell in shoes overnight. Made with natural oils good on sensitive skin. Low pleasant after smell.

  2. Julia

    Works really well. Nice smell

  3. linda

    This product has a pleasant smell it is not strong or perfumy. It is subtle which works for men or women’s shoes. I work in an office and wear my heals without nylons and I found at the end of the day my shoes still felt refreshing. I like that this product is all natural too, that is always a plus because I don’t like chemicals.

  4. Kate

    I’ve tried almost everything to get get the stink out of my favorite flip flops. Nothing worked until this. Now I use it on all of my shoes and even spray my feet as a preventative measure.

  5. annie

    After a few days of use, I found that my feet and shoes no longer smelled. Every time I wear a shoe, I spray a little in my shoe, then I put on my shoes. I suggest everyone use it this way.

  6. Luci

    Works great on my son’s athletic shoes. He plays softball and spends hours at a time wearing those sweaty shoes. This spray has help in getting rid of that stingy smell. I spray it before use and after using it when getting ready to store it away. Minimize the smell and help control horrible odor.

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